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Illyon is a publishing house and a think thank entirely dedicated to scentific and academic publishing. Our goal is to conceive and propose innovative solutions for the full use of digital technology in academic world.

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Our observation

Today academic and scientific publishing is in crisis: scarcity of publishing solutions offered to scientists, academics and researchers, too small size of publishers, too high price of books, digital competition, lower remuneration authors when remuneration there is etc ...
The paradoxes are there, it has never been so important for academics and universities to publish their work in the context of ruthless competition at the international level and secondly, scientific books, courses and theses are becoming more and more expensive for a population of students increasingly affected by poverty.

A radical change is necessary, it is not a question of simply proposing an umpteenth collection or any new product, the university and scientific edition urgently needs a new global vision.

Few figures of the actual situation

For the scientific publishing :

Purchase price of a standard book.

Average book budget for students. That is to say less than 4 standard books.


Of the selling price belongs to the author.

For French Universities :

The number of students in France by 2025.

Actors of the sector


Universities set up their own digital services that are often poorly adapted and complex, not meeting the demands of students or teachers.

Due to the lack of a solid a platform to build on, digital solutions are not being used to their full potential and are often considered a fashionable way to go.

All these factors mean that universities are discouraged from taking care of the problem itself.


Teachers are at the heart of the digital problem at the university because the course holder.

Whether universities or MOOCs are asked today to give free courses put them online or filming themselves. This additional workload is not remunerated and not well recognized.

Their pay for book sales is in the range of only 5% of the price, many teachers experience this situation as a form of exploitation.


Faced with the very important prices of academic books, students turn to alternative solutions, reselling courses, piracy, sharing site.

However his solutions are precarious because the course is often dated and we cannot be certain of its quality.

Among students the poverty rate reaches 20% and tends to increase. At the same time, annual average expenditure for books stagnates around € 120, and can rise to € 350 in some sectors.

The project

Few figures

The price of a standard eBook bought on Illyon platform.

Average student budget for 4 standard books.



Of author rights for a remuneration rising from 1,5€ to 2,5€ for each standard eBook soled.

Our solution

Our goal is simple, breaking prices of university publishing: courses, thesis, specialized works, which are very often too expensive for students. The paradox is clear, scientific books are among the most expensive in the market and are primarily addressed to students, the population most affected by poverty. Our solutions are :

Take advantage of the digital publishing system to practice unbeatable prices.

Bring professors into Illyon with attractives remunerations.

An efficient protection of digital books through a modern application.

Create a dynamic environment for publications.

Our strengths

With an extremely favorable socio-economic context and a win-win system for teachers and students. Illyon is built with the intention of definitively and serenely crossing the digital course with a university environment in difficulty on this point. This offers the project good prospects for partnership with universities and the public domain in general. To carry out its project, the team has, among other things, six major assets :


The Illyon project was conceived and developed in consultation with universities, research institutes and professors. Our team traveled for several months to the establishments, organizing meetings with publishers, professors and participating in the organization of major university conferences. The welcome received by our project has been very positive everywhere and we have easily been able to obtain partnerships with major players in culture and science in France and abroad such as the National Library of France, its counterpart the British Library or the publishing house "Les Belles Lettres".


The professors courses are the core of illyon's project. Our goal is to make courses available and affordable for everyone !
With this strategy, Illyon will quickly become one of the main publishing houses specialysed into universities.

Our website will be an intelectual hub for new theories and audacious publications.

Free catalog

Illyon's vision is unlimited accessibility to knowledge and culture. Illyon will be the platform dedicated exclusively to science, history and literature, both in French and in multiple foreign languages; a place of conservation of knowledge, diffusion of culture, and production of new knowledge, a place where the past and the future meet in harmony. For that, a vast free digital catalog, already partly constituted, will offer an access to the great classics of literature and sciences, and works fallen in the public domain but often still bearing a price. Illyon will also be a platform for research and work for millions of students, individuals or students in the making.

Special contract

A publishing contract, written by law firm, unique and flexible between Illyon publishing house and the authors. It will continuously promote the platform directly to the students throughout the voice of teachers and will make possible the synergy of a win-win economic strategy between teachers and students.


Digital publishing is free from the heavy constraints that include: storage, manufacturing and distribution, it can offer a much larger number of books and can take the gamble to publish quality books to a confidential public without the financial risk.


D.T.U.s (Digital Teaching Units) are packages in which students can select a set of books of his choice that will cover all his needs for the year, and more, for the price of a video game. A conducive system that to easily creating partnerships with institutions.


(Base upon the estimated numbers of students in France by 2025)

If 1% of students buy 1 DTU, it is :

annual turnover.

If 10% of students buy 1 DTU, it is :

annual turnover.

If 30% of students buy 1 DTU, it is :

annual turnover.

They already support our project

Their contents will fill the digital library. All BNF and Britsh Library classical books will be available free of charge in high quality.